Joey Sourlis

Voice Actor

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-Indigenous (Niitsitapi/Blackfoot), Irish, Greek
-Non Union (SAG-E)
-Pronunciations in English, Spanish, and Lakota
-Creature Vocals


• Rode NT1-A XLR Microphone
Interfaces & Preamps
* UA Volt 2 76
Internet Speed
* Ethernet Connection
• 153.63 mbps download
• 11.10 mbps upload
• Mixcraft 8 Home Studio
• Melodyne
* Acoustically treated, converted closet.
* Broadcast quality sound


SokkaAvatar: The Last Airbender The PromiseWebtoon2024MerryMoo Studios, Nickelodeon, Dark Horse Comics
TalonMy Time at SandrockVideo Game2023Nintendo/PC
The Butchers' CleaverHunt: ShowdownVideo Game2022All Platforms
Angel ZagAngel HareWeb Series/Game2022-2023YouTube
David SzlezyngierThe DisappearanceTV show (ENGLISH DUB)2024MAX
FionnWhen Tower Angels FallPodcast2022Spotify
Lakota Rifle Rider, Misc.Age of Empires IIIVideo Game2021All Platforms
CableMarvel MoveApp2023Six to Start App

About ME!

My name is Joey Sourlis, and my best friends' name is Charlie... Oh, and I'm a SAG-E Blackfoot/ Irish/ and Greek Voice Actor! A "multicultural" talent, if you will. My mother named me ThunderHeart, and that name rings true to this day. I have a lovely partner named Makayla, and she is my world. I love her so much!I love to Cosplay, Paint, Sculpt, Draw, ANYTHING "artsy" or "creative" really. I also love painting and sculpting. I like making little figurines of characters. I recently made a Darwin and Gumball, which you can check out below! I'm a HUGE comic book/ film nut. You watch a movie with me, I can guarantee I can name at least 2 or 3 actors from it. You ask me anything Superhero related, I GOT YOU. I was also a drummer for about 12 years or so, and used to play in a metal band. Those days really helped launch me into my VO career, music has helped a l-o-t.From Marvel Move, My Time at Sandrock to Hunt: Showdown, you can hear me in a BUNCH of stuff! Make sure to check out my resume above. My goal in this industry is to inspire, to get people to do what they love, to instill PASSION into the hearts of the dream chasers! This is MY passion, so do what you love doing!

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